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(National Emergency Rental Vehicles)

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Agreement# 12024B18A0014
‌Awarded 06/14/2018
‌Current Vendor: Enterprise Holdings Inc

‌The NERV BPA is intended to be utilized on incidents by personnel from the NWCG agencies which include:‌

Bureau of Indian Affairs
‌Bureau of Land Management
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
‌National Park Service
USDA - Forest Service
The National Association of State Foresters

Roadside Assistance Phone Numbers


  • Accidents involving other drivers/vehicles: please call the NERV hotline at 208-390-4868, if you receive vm, we will call you back ASAP if within the hours of 8am-8pm MTN. Ensure you fill out the SF-91 and include that in your package along with any available police report.
  • Damage to only the NERV vehicle: please document the damage in your Cover Sheet package along with pictures, if available. You can submit your Cover Sheet package within the standard 30 day requirement.

The NERV agreement may be utilized for:

  • Any single resource responding to an incident whose position requires a vehicle with 4x4 high ground clearance and HD tires to meet the needs of the assignment (3/4-ton and 1-ton trucks approved for off-road use tires).
  • Any single resource that is responding to an incident who needs a rental vehicle to meet the needs of the mission and is NOT self-sufficient or able to procure a vehicle (such as Administratively Determined or Casual Pay employees who do not have an agency travel card).
  • Incident Pool vehicles that will be managed by a ground support, buying team, dispatch or other units and will be utilized by multiple resources or multiple incidents


  • The vehicle is NOT for incident use.
  • The renter IS Self Sufficient and does NOT require a 4x4 high ground clearance and HD tires to meet the needs of the assignment (3/4-ton and 1-ton trucks approved for off-road use tires.
For these needs, utilize the traveler's agency standard travel reservation system

Each vehicle rented through NERV BPA MUST:

  • Be requested electronically through this site by Dispatch Only with a valid Resource Order.
  • The Resource Order used for reservation must be e-mailed to the NERV Program (sm.fs.nerv@usda.gov) upon picking up the vehicle.
  • Have the following documents completed and e-mailed to the NERV Program (sm.fs.nerv@usda.gov) once the vehicle has been returned, reassigned by Dispatch or every 30 days for payment processing.
    • Payment Cover Sheet
    • Resource Order(s) (All Resource Orders the vehicle was assigned to)
    • Commercial Rental Agreement (May have been e-mailed to user/users from Enterprise upon vehicle pick up)
    • Any and all other documents pertaining to the rental (pre/post inspection sheet, accident reports, etc.)
    • (Dispatch Only) Dispatch Rental Vehicle Log


Reservations must be done by Dispatch Only

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