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(National Emergency Rental Vehicles)

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Agreement# 12024B18A0014
‌Awarded 06/14/2018
‌Current Vendor: Enterprise Holdings Inc

‌The NERV BPA is intended to be utilized on incidents by personnel from the NWCG agencies which include:‌

Bureau of Indian Affairs
‌Bureau of Land Management
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
‌National Park Service
USDA - Forest Service
The National Association of State Foresters

Roadside Assistance Phone Numbers


  • Accidents involving other drivers/vehicles: please call the NERV hotline at 208-390-4868, if you receive vm, we will call you back ASAP if within the hours of 8am-8pm MTN. Ensure you fill out the SF-91 and include that in your package along with any available police report.
  • Damage to only the NERV vehicle: please document the damage in your Cover Sheet package along with pictures, if available. You can submit your Cover Sheet package within the standard 30 day requirement.
  • DOI proof of insurance NERV Version 2023
  • USFS Proof of Insurance

The NERV agreement may be utilized for:

  • Any single resource responding to an incident whose position requires a vehicle with 4x4 high ground clearance and HD tires to meet the needs of the assignment (3/4-ton and 1-ton trucks approved for off-road use tires).
  • Any single resource that is responding to an incident who needs a rental vehicle to meet the needs of the mission and is NOT self-sufficient or able to procure a vehicle (such as Administratively Determined or Casual Pay employees who do not have an agency travel card).
  • Incident Pool vehicles that will be managed by a ground support, buying team, dispatch or other units and will be utilized by multiple resources or multiple incidents


  • The vehicle is NOT for incident use.
  • The renter IS Self Sufficient and does NOT require a 4x4 high ground clearance and HD tires to meet the needs of the assignment (3/4-ton and 1-ton trucks approved for off-road use tires.
For these needs, utilize the traveler's agency standard travel reservation system

Each vehicle rented through NERV BPA MUST:

  • Be requested electronically through this site by Dispatch Only with a valid Resource Order.
  • The Resource Order used for reservation must be e-mailed to the NERV Program (sm.fs.nerv@usda.gov) upon picking up the vehicle.
  • Have the following documents completed and e-mailed to the NERV Program (sm.fs.nerv@usda.gov) once the vehicle has been returned, reassigned by Dispatch or every 30 days for payment processing.
    • Payment Cover Sheet
    • Resource Order(s) (All Resource Orders the vehicle was assigned to)
    • Commercial Rental Agreement (May have been e-mailed to user/users from Enterprise upon vehicle pick up)
    • Any and all other documents pertaining to the rental (pre/post inspection sheet, accident reports, etc.)
    • (Dispatch Only) Dispatch Rental Vehicle Log


Reservations must be done by Dispatch Only

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