Current Vehicle Report

  • This report is only updated ONCE daily by a NERV team member.
  • Vehicles will not show on this report until the DAY AFTER the vehicle is picked up from Enterprise.
  • Once the vehicle is returned to Enterprise it will no longer show on this report.
  • If a vehicle is re-assigned it will NOT show the reassignment on this report. Vehicles will always show on the original order they were assigned to on this report.

CLICK HERE to download and view the latest Current Vehicle Report

Rorder to Order Fill Requirements

  • The above includes all information for each rental
  • Equipment (E#) Resource Order fill information:
    • Use: "Fill with Agreement" option
    • Ensure the following are included in the fill information:
      • NERV Make of Vehicle License Plate #
  • Single Resource (O,C & A) orders may have the following added to documentation but not required:
    • NERV Rental, Make of vehicle & License Plate #

** Fill information will be available the DAY AFTER the vehicle is picked up or delivered from Enterprise. If you do not see the fill information for a vehicle you have 24 hours after the vehicle is in your possession, please contact the NERV Help Line.